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Presbyterian Day School


The purpose of Presbyterian Day School is to

have a direct positive influence on the

education, spiritual development and nurturing

of our children and the children of

Humboldt and the surrounding area. Our

mission is to work with young children to

provide an education and a quality child care

program that is Christ-centered.

We believe that each

child is unique. Each child needs the chance to

develop and be

valued as the unique individual he or she is.

A true sense of self is essential for success. It

enables children to feel positive toward

themselves, toward others and toward learning.

We believe that the early years are

the most critical for learning and developing.

We wish to provide a warm, loving

and productive setting where children can

develop beautifully at their own pace. The

qualities we emphasize are: self-confidence,

inner discipline, curiosity, orderliness,

perseverance, independence, creativity,

respect, success and enthusiasm.